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New thinking on the most pressing issues facing people and the planet.

Welcome to Global Solutions. Published by The Nature Conservancy, we are dedicated to sharing the latest in-depth insights, analysis and tools for solving the most pressing issues facing people and the planet.

We are optimists about Earth’s future. Guided by our science-based approach—Conservation by Design—The Nature Conservancy is focused on finding win-win solutions that promote both economic development and environmental protection. And our science tells us that it is possible to meet global challenges such as climate change, food and water security, and city growth while creating a future in which people and nature thrive together.

But today our world is at a crucial juncture.


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We will soon be more than nine billion people sharing one planet. A development boom is lifting billions out of poverty, but increasing demands for food, water and energy are stressing nature to its limits. We are trapped in a vicious cycle in which we over-exploit and degrade nature, in turn impoverishing life for people.

We see another way forward—one that accounts for nature’s full value in all the decisions we make. It’s about creating a virtuous cycle, in which we take care of nature so that nature can continue to take care of us.

Explore our latest thinking on Global Solutions, and we hope you will join us in this journey.

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